Monday, June 9, 2008

On writing

I suppose, since this is a writing blog, that I should write about my writing. It will probably turn out to be more of a music blog, though. As far as writing goes, I am working on a short story that I'm planning on sending to Writers of the Future. It is a depressing story, which is not normally my style, but I liked the idea of an oppressive government profiting off its people by selling drugs that are supposed to heal, but don't. Not unlike in our society. Okay, so it is a social commentary disguised as a fantasy story. Normally, I like to write and read things that are cheerful, funny and uplifting, so this is just a brief excursion into my dark side. I just finished reading The Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat by Harry Harrison, which I like for it's tongue-in-cheek first person perspective.

This weekend, I just submitted my novel, currently titled The Dragon War Relic and Other Ancient Stuff, to Cedar Fort. I've tried several of the larger publishers, at least the ones that don't require an agent, and have several rejection notices to show for it. One thing about smaller publishers I've noticed so far is that they actually look at your stuff. I got reactions back from the larger companies so fast that I am sure that they never read them, they just sent the form rejection letter out. I will say, all the rejection letters I've received have been nice and positively phrased. No one has said, "You're a complete loser, give it up."

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