Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Do

I still haven't figured out what exactly to blog about. I want to make sure I bring up topics that are unique and might be useful to someone, though. Maybe that's why I don't blog very much.

Anyway, I reached a milestone in my life this week that may be of some use to others. It's an old concept but new to me. You see, I've always been able to keep a list in my head of the things I need to do and been able to get them done. Lately, though, I've been finding more and more things are being forgotten or 'spaced-out'. Is it that my memory is getting worse? I don't know, maybe. But I think a lot of it is that there are just more things to do. Between family, church, a music career, and a writing career, it's harder for me to keep all the little things I need to do straight.

So, here's my epiphany: a to-do list. Now, you're probably saying, "Well, duh." But hey, this is a big revelation for me. So this week, I've been making lists on my iPad and deleting things when I finish them. And you know what? It's working. I'm actually remembering all the little things I need to do (like blog).

Before, I'd sometimes be sitting at my computer and thinking, "Now, what was that thing I needed to do?" I would think and think until, when I couldn't remember it, I'd play Spider Solitaire. Then, as I got up from the computer, my memory would return but by then it was too late.

So, my advice is, keep a to-do list. It works.

This message brought to you by Procrastinators Anonymous whenever we get around to it.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Time Gangsters is on Blog Tour!

Starting today, there is a blog tour for Time Gangsters, my new book that is slated to come out February 14th. Here is the schedule for the next few days:

Be sure to check out their reviews once they post them. Braden Bell's is already up, so definitely visit his site.

This is the beginning of an exciting time for me. Of course, there's also a lot of trepidation. Will the reviewers like it? Will readers like it? Or will it just get used as a door stop and paper weight? I know I liked the book and enjoyed writing it, but it's a whole new thing to wait to see what others think. I'll post more about the tour later.