Sunday, September 27, 2009

Writing update

I just finished my last read through and edit list yesterday afternoon on The Dragon War Relic. Now the book will go to print on October 1 and should hit stores in November. It's been a busy few weeks, where I've been putting in around 6 hours a day working on this (in addition to my teaching time). So, you'd think that I'd be burned out. Instead, I can't wait until tomorrow when I can start writing creatively again. The last couple months have been focused entirely on editing, which I have decided is not fun. The creative artist in me has been dying to get out. So, tomorrow, I'll let my muse loose and see what happens.

Of course, there have been some other things of import that have happened this last week. For one, my son got his mission call to the Texas Dallas Mission, Spanish speaking. I also went to a writing conference at Utah Valley University on the 24th which I'll write more about later. And, my daughter went to homecoming last night after she and my other daughter did a marching band competition in Payson. I'm hoping this next week will be a little more calm.

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