Friday, March 27, 2009

New draft

I've been working hard on a new draft of my novel. My editor sent me a list of things to work on, so I'm taking care of those things. She found some obvious things that need to be fixed that I was totally blind to. Of course, yesterday, I realized another major logic flaw so I had to backtrack to fix it (something about bad guys chasing good guys for no apparent reason other than that I wanted an action scene). Sometimes I feel like I take one step forward and then three steps back. Anyway, I hope to have this draft finished in a week, so that then we can tear it all apart again.

Of course, this week is also filled with music arranging (or deranging?), getting cars fixed, teaching music, and for the big one: pinewood derby is next week. I wish I had more time to help my son with his car, especially since this is our last year in the racing circuit. My sons are getting too old!

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