Monday, October 25, 2010

The Bent Sword - review

I recently finished reading The Bent Sword by Stephen Gashler and loved it. I know, it could be pointed out that I'm biased since Stephen is also in my writing group. However, I wanted to read his book before I met him when I saw one of the book trailers he created:

The Bent Sword was an enjoyable romp, following the adventures of Steffin who is on a quest to gather a party of adventurers to defeat the evil Lord Bore (and boredom - the most evil force on earth). One problem, Lord Bore only exists in his own mind; or does he? Steffin soon encounters others who were at one time only in his own mind. If they are real, does that mean Lord Bore is, too?

In Steffin's attempts to become a hero worthy of legend, he has several humorous events that make the book fun and entertaining. A few times I wanted to wring Steffin by the neck for being a little dense, but fortunately his friends keep him out of anything life ending. I especially loved the interaction between Steffin and his large 'side-kick' Sir Mammoth.

This book was not only fun, but gets the 'big-toe up' award for being a clean read. It is definitely worth reading and can be found here. Oh, and be sure to check out The Bent Sword: The Musical at the Provo Theater. More info here.

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