Sunday, January 3, 2010

A little vacation

I hope my faithful readers aren't too disappointed in my lack of blogging, but I needed a break. And it felt good, too. Of course, I did work some more on The Galactic Adventures of Doug in 3D and will do a third draft this next week. Then, if things are going right with it, I'll try to put episode one up on Saturday. It's a different approach for me, since it has Doug as the point-of-view character and it's in first person. It's fun to write in his voice, though, so I hope it will be fun for the readers, too.

Our family news of the week was that we took our oldest son to the Missionary Training Center in Provo on Wednesday, December 30th. That's part of the reason for my little break, since we wanted to spend some time with him before he left for two years. He'll be going to Dallas Texas, Spanish speaking so he'll have to develop some Spanish chops while at the MTC. We're very proud of him, though, and know that this will be a big growing experience for him.

Starting tomorrow, I need to figure out how to balance my life. I still need to keep marketing my book, but I need to spend less time on that now. I have to put some attention to my music business, since I'm starting to pick up more students. I also want to get back to working on the sequel to The Dragon War Relic. My goal is to have another draft done by February.

Speaking of goals, I thought I would philosophize about New Year's resolutions. My take is: don't do them. Not that we shouldn't be trying to improve ourselves, but why wait until New Years? I believe that if you find something in your life that you want to improve, just do it, don't wait for some magic date. The best time to pursue a goal is when you are motivated.

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