Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Call for Reviews

I was wanting to put a plea out to all my friends to have you post reviews at the online book sites, like Amazon, B&N, Borders, or Goodreads. Of course, I want positive reviews, but do feel free to be honest. I know as a writer that I can't please everyone, so not everyone will like what I've done (it's the same in music).

Also, I'm looking for quotes I can put on my website. If you want to give me a quote containing what you liked about the book, your first name and last initial, your age (optional) and your "area of expertise", I'd greatly appreciate it. The best ones will go up on my website. By "area of expertise", it could be your real day job, or something like, "Lead singer in polka band" or "Underwater basket weaver" or "Elf Expert". You get the idea. Be creative and have fun with it. You can email me or leave a comment on The Blog of Berin.

There is now an official magazine review of my book. It's at: .

Lastly, there are less than two weeks left in the $20 Borders Gift Card Giveaway. The odds are pretty good that you will win. For more details, see my previous blog post.

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