Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin

I've been floored by the announcement of Sarah Palin running for vice president. Mainly, because as an Alaskan refugee in Utah, I've been following her career and have been impressed by the fact that she is a public servant, and not a politician. I've always felt that we have way too many politicians running our government and that the public servant has become extinct. Not anymore.

Anyway, when they announced her as VP, when most people were saying, "Who's this?", I thought, wow, what a no brainer. She'd be fantastic. Now, I think the rest of the country is starting to see the caliber of person she is. Of course, I'm also excited about this because she is the daughter of my 6th grade teacher, Chuck Heath. It was neat seeing him on television the other night, except, I remember him being taller than that . . . and with less gray hair.

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