Wednesday, July 16, 2008

editing and mansions

I'm slowly making my way through the fourth draft of my novel. Last week I was pretty motivated, this week . . . well, not so much. Next week, I'll be in Montana, so I won't get anything done on it.

On Saturday, I played a wedding reception up in Midway. It was at a "house", but a better term would be mansion. It was flippin' huge! I want one. Anyway, it was designed with a Swiss traditional look, similar to a hotel I stayed in near the Matterhorn. It was cool. I need to start taking my camera with me to gigs so that I can take pictures of some of the more interesting venues I perform at.

Meanwhile, my wife and older daughters are at girls camp this week, leaving me with only the younger two at home during the day. Music lessons are kind of slow this month, too. July is always hard on lessons.

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